Grundtvig Workshop
Education and care offered by farmer families
Workshop Reference number: 2010-1-DE2-GRU13-04833
Venue: Bad Zwischenahn /Germany
Date of the Workshop: 22/05/2011 28/05/2011
ducation and care offered by farmer families

From 22.05.2011 to 28.05.2011, 13 participants from 8 European countries met in Bad Zwischenahn / Germany. All participants come from various professions and want to deal more intensively with the various possibilities of education and social assistance on farms. During the workshop practical examples illustrate the opportunities and show different kind of experiences. The second key objective of the workshop was, to offer an international learning experience as a personal enrichment.

The workshop starts with a visit in open-air museum, to get a impression in what intensive social contexts farming families lived in the past, including positive and negative aspects.
The second topic was, to learn and to hear about social therapy on a farm. It was presented, how people who need help can be supported on a farm.
Often organic farms can offer - because of high work intensity - capabilities for social assistance and education. The visited farms in the districts Aurich and Oldenburg were good examples for this kind of acitivities.
The issue of sustainability in agriculture has a great significance, social (therapy) and ecology (nature) farming here are important components.
Further on a nature protection farm and a environmental education center are stations of the workshop group. There are many things to discuss and for practical experience = everyone can get involved and there is strong basis for discussion between themselves.

For many participants the workshop is the first learning offer within a international team. Knowledge and personal learning experience got a new level of importance! Plenty of time the participants use for communication within the group and got a new kind of views on the different countries. The Europass mobility documented the intensive workshop experience, also including the new social and language skills.

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